Yuste Foundation launches the 4th Research Prize to Euro-Iberoamerican Doctoral Theses “Fernando Serrano Mangas”

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation launches the 4th Research Prize to Doctoral Theses “Fernando Serrano Mangas” in order to foster and support scientific creations related with the European and Ibero-American field, as stated in today’s Official Journal of Extremadura (DOE) of 16 August 2018.

Theses read in Spain, Portugal as well as in any other Ibero-American or European country that cover the relations between Spain and/or Portugal with Ibero-America or Europe and vice versa, from a historical, cultural, social, scientific, economical or from any other field of study, are eligible to compete for the prize.

This research prize consists in the publication of the awarded doctoral thesis in the “Doctoral Theses Book Collection” with the aim of supporting the development of research works, while fostering university students and professionals’ exchange of ideas regarding Ibero-American and European subjects.

The Research Prize to Doctoral Theses “Fernando Serrano Mangas” is named after the deceased professor of American History at the University of Extremadura, Fernando Serrano Mangas (1954-2015), advisor of the Foundation and an expert historian in underwater archaeology and international authority regarding the topic of the so-called “Carrera de las Indias”.


Among the requirements that should be met by the doctoral theses that compete for this award are that they should be written in Spanish, English or Portuguese; have unanimously obtained the highest grade established in the existing rule when it was read, and have been read during any of the two years before the present call was published.

The criteria to be considered by the assessment commission to award the prize will be based on the literary quality of the thesis; the appropriateness of the language employed; the creativity conveyed, and on the originality of its approach. On the other hand, the scientific quality, the novelty of the results achieved and the solidity of the grounds used in the demonstration of the proposed hypothesis shall be taken into account as well as the coherence and systematic argumentation in the drafting of the text; the relevance of the biographical sources, and its update.


The deadline for submission of applications for those interested is on 12 November.

The prize will be financed by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation’s budgets with an amount that may range from 4.000 to a maximum of 6.000 EUR.

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