Church of the Royal Monastery of Yuste, May 18, 2019

Capella Ibérica was founded in 2013 as a professional group specialising in early music, interpreting an extensive repertoire a capella, focusing mainly on Spanish and neighbouring countries’ Renaissance polyphony.

During that same year, the group is officially presented in “Ciclos Satélites”, which is part of the Spanish National Choir and Orchestra’s (OCNE) concert season and takes part in the recording of a documentary on historical pieces in the Iberian Peninsula for the Arab TV station, Al Jazeera, as well as in Zamora’s “Otoño Cultural”.

Its first recording –for the CD label Enchiriadis- entitled “Una frontera invisible”, plunges us into the schools of great Spanish and Portuguese polyphonist teachers during the reign of the Philippine Dynasty. As far as the arts in general and music in particular are concerned, borders are less defined, giving way to a creative explosion and a mutual enrichment of two empires that should have never turned their back to each other.

“Una frontera invisible”

Pieces by: Estêvao de Brito, Juan Vázquez, Cristóbal de Morales, Manoel Mende, Francisco Guerrero, Estêvao Lopes Morago, Juan Esquivel, Duarte Lobo, Diogo Dias Melgás, Manuel Machado y Manuel Cardoso.

Capella Ibérica
Manuel Torrado, director
Sandra Coterelo and Lore Agustí, sopranos
Helia Martínez, alto
Ariel Hernández and Javier Carmena, tenors
Héctor Garoz, bass

Entry: Free entrance until seating capacity is reached

Collaboration: in collaboration with National Heritage