Authors: Rosa María Martínez de Codes and César Chaparro Gómez (coords.)

Date of publication: 2022
Editorial: European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation and Cross Border Initiatives Office
Collection: Entre dos mundos: América y Europa desde Extremadura
Number: 8
ISBN: 978-84-121898-6-5
Price: 15 Euros

Faithful to its yearly commitment, the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation organised the online course entitled, “Diplomacy in the Worlds of Charles V: Negotiation and Dialogue” from 5 to 9 July 2021 within the framework of the Campus Yuste programme. As on previous occasions, it had the academic hallmark of the University of Extremadura. The purpose of the course was to analyse the beginnings of modern diplomacy at the time of Charles V; this being an aspect of his policy that the emperor gave a personal touch to regarding the relations with his allies, adversaries, the church and the New World, convinced of the need to carry out his objectives, while always seeking peace and negotiation in the face of conflict.

Throughout the course, the various scenarios where negotiation and dialogue played an important role were analysed, both within the empire and in the American and extra-European context. The role played by different actors of the time, including women; the existing powers; the development of geostrategic alliances; the humanist influence on the development of diplomacy; the impact on the New World; relations with the Ottoman Empire, as well as the legacy that that diplomacy has left in future generations to this day, were also highlighted. Topics such as the training of a good diplomat were also discussed in the first insights on the subject; the diplomat, a man of letters and diplomacy and art: the role of diplomats in the creation and dissemination of works of art.