EL MUNDO DE CARLOS V: 500 AÑOS DE PROTESTANTISMO. El impacto de la Reforma en la Europa imperial y actual

Authors: Rosa María Martínez de Codes and César Chaparro Gómez (Coords.)
Date of publication: 2018
Editorial: European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation
Collection: Entre dos mundos: América y Europa desde Extremadura
Issue: 3
ISBN: 978-84-948078-5-5

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation promoted a particular call around the figure of Emperor Charles V and the Reformation in the summer of 2017, in coordination with the University of Extremadura, on the date when the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation was celebrated by both Catholics and Lutherans.

The volume in the hands of the reader is the result of the exhibitions, debates and reflections carried out during that summer by the authors of this book in order to clarify some of the most debated questions in the historiography of the sixteenth century on the meaning of the “reforms” and their reading as part of a confluence of concerns about changing the face of Western Christendom.

Articles by: Gustaaf Janssens, Jean-Pierre Bastian, Pilar Peña Búa, Eustaquio Sánchez Salor, Juan Gil, Manuel Mañas Núñez, Jaime Contreras Contreras, César Chaparro Gómez, Consuelo Varela, Miguel Ángel Lama, Patrocinio Ríos Sánchez, María Isabel López Martínez and Javier Remedios.