Royal Monastery of Yuste. 5 – 7 July 2017

Prevención De Enfermedades Endémicas MalariaThis meeting, in the form of a course, is the first EUROPE FACING GLOBAL CHALLENGES FROM COOPERATION TO DEVELOPMENT project activity, which aims to examine in-depth, from Extremadura, the role of the European Union as a region facing major internal challenges within a global context of crisis and transformation. At the same time it is committed to Sustainable Development as a global challenge in which cooperation between public, private, and civil society agents, as well as between regions and countries, is key to achieving shared objectives.

The course will cover the importance of prevention and the role cooperation plays in health to overcome the challenge of eradicating endemic diseases such as malaria. In many cases it is the result of sanitation problems, but malaria continues to cause a large number of deaths per year in developing countries, and could be avoided by applying effective treatments and measures within social services. The subject is of particular interest as malaria caused the death of Charles V, and was endemic to the district of Vera until the middle of the 20th century. The district has a nationally renowned institute of epidemiology.

Through talks and round-table discussions with eminent experts from various scientific, academic, and cooperative institutions, the origin of the disease will be explored, as well as the ways to combat it which have been developed at an international level, and proposals for the future to ensure its total eradication.