The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation has organised the course “The Spanish exile in Chile”, making the Santa Ana University Centre of Almendralejo a focal point for the study and analysis of the Spanish exile in Chile. A place where academics and experts from different Spanish universities will meet. The opening of this event was attended by the director of the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation, Juan Carlos Moreno; the director of the Santa Ana University Centre of Almendralejo, Carmen Fernández-Daza, and the course director, Modesto Miguel Rangel Mayoral. (15/06/2022)

The course “The Spanish Exile in Chile” is of a multidisciplinary nature, since this historical fact is addressed from different perspectives ranging from history to politics, going from literature and architecture, reflecting the fertile Spanish reality that was forced to move to Chile and that had a continuity there.

Among the objectives sought in this course are: to understand the historical evolution of Spain; to know the importance of Spanish republican exile in general and in Chile in particular; to analyse the various consequences for its protagonists, as well as to transmit a message of recognition to the members of the Chilean exile.

The director of Yuste Foundation stressed the validity of this course, “because the exile, which we studied not so long ago as a matter of the past, has presently regained strength with the new exiles” that are taking place in Europe, which has once again made “its much-repeated mistake in time: solving conflicts with bombs and tanks”.

Juan Carlos Moreno pointed out that this is the second edition of a series of courses on Spanish exile after the Spanish Civil War, which began with Mexico, has continued with Chile and will continue in the future with other countries.

In turn, Carmen Fernández-Daza was grateful for the Foundation “to move Yuste to the Santa Ana University Centre in order to talk about the exile of so many people who were “transferred; something we thought would not take place anymore, but unfortunately it happens again”.

The opening address was given by the full professor of Contemporary History of the University of Extremadura, an academician of the Royal Academy of History and a member of the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste, Enrique Moradiellos, who thoroughly went through the Spanish republican exile.

Other participants are the professor of American History at the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville and corresponding academic of the Academy of History of Colombia, Justo Cuño Bonito; the doctor in Architecture and professor of the Santa Ana University Centre, Rubén Cabecera Soriano; and the doctor in Hispanic Philology, professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Seville and full professor of Language and Literature in secondary education, José María Barrera López.

The Santa Ana University Centre and the Extrem@mérica Research Group of the University of Extremadura collaborate in the organisation of the congress.