The Director General for External Action and Director of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, Enrique Barrasa Sánchez, and the Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Extremadura, Enrique Moradiellos García, make public announcement of the decision of the jury for the European Research and Mobility Grants for European Award “Charles V European Award-José Manuel Durão Barroso”. Ten researchers have been awarded the grant.

The grants have the financial support of the Regional Ministry for Education and Culture. They are aimed at PhD students across Europe and Latin America with the intent to support their research, and encourage mobility for desk-based research in other European countries.

21 applications have been received, coming from different countries of the European Union and Latin America, “proving the international scope of these grants”, said Enrique Barrasa.

Barrasa highlighted the prestige and international projection of the grants, in this seventh edition focused on the theme “History, memory and European integration from the point of view of EU transatlantic relations”, chosen by the latest recipient of the Charles V Award, José Manuel Durão Barroso.


The grants come with a monetary award of 3,000 Euro. In addition, the selected researchers will have the opportunity to make a presentation of their papers at a Doctoral Seminar of Multidisciplinary Studies on Contemporary Europe, to be held on 26-28 January 2015 at the Royal Monastery of Yuste.

During his speech, Enrique Moradiellos Garcia, a member of the jury, stressed the relevance of the grant scheme of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, since it contributes to the creation of an intellectual legacy in European study and research in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Moradiellos added that within the ten projects selected, coming from a total of 5 different countries, there are works related to history; to the economic sphere; to audiovisual communication; to languages ​​and translation; to globalization as a factor of regional integration (comparative study between the EU and MARCOSUR); to the promotion of contemporary art from Latin America in Spain and Portugal; to Spanish as a bridge to successful cooperation between the American continent and the EU, or to international law lawyers in Europe and America.

Moradiellos stressed the prominence and prestige of the members of the jury who have evaluated the applications.

The selected researchers will also become part of the Network ‘Alumni of Yuste’, made up of more than 80 recipients of the grant in previous editions, coming from all over Europe, the North of Africa, Latin America and the United States.

The grant scheme also includes the publication of the papers by the prestigious scientific publishing house Peter Lang, in Brussels.


Calvo Tornero, Rodrigo – Universidad de Extremadura (Degree and PhD) – History. The Europeanist discourse in the Spanish Republican exile in America. A study about the “Agrupación Europeísta de México” (pro-European Group of Mexico).

Dios Vicente, Adrián – Universidad Santiago de Compostela (Degree and PhD) – Economics. Internationalization to Latin America of Spanish companies during the last three decades. Economic impact and business strategies.

Do Monte Vilar, Kaiana – Universidad Federal de Campina Grande and Universidad Estadual de Paraiba – Brazil. PhD: Universidad de Granada. Business Administration/Law. Globalization as a factor of regional integration. Comparative study between the European Union and MERCOSUR.

García Gato, Marta – Universidad de Salamanca (Degree and PhD) / College of Europe. Natolin. Poland. Translation and Interpreting Spanish as a bridge to successful cooperation between the American continent and the EU. A historical and sociological approach for the research on the transatlantic relations of the EU.

Genin, Vincent – University of Liège – History
American and European International Law jurists (1850-1930). Mutual appropriations and mobilisation of a common memory’.

Luise Meissner, Katharina – University of Bamberg, Germany.  PhD: European University Institute, Florence, Italy- -Political Science
Understanding the EU’s relations with Brazil and MERCOSUR. A Qualitative Analysis of the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership against the Background of the EU-MERCOSUR Negotiations.

Moreno Domínguez, José Manuel  – Universidad de Sevilla (Degree and PhD) / Universidad Autónoma de México -OEI – Journalism / Politics and cultural management
Audiovisual policy and Latin American integration. Overview and assessment of regional initiatives.

Ortiz Hernández , Eimys – Universidad de Deusto. PhD: Universidad de Lleida – Law / European Integration
European Union-United States of America: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership as a complementary instrument to overcome mutual challenges in the Mediterranean area.

Ribeiro Dos Santos, Renata – Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo .Brazil. PhD: Universidad de Granada – Visual arts / History of Art. An entire ocean to swim. The promotion of contemporary art from Latin America in Spain and Portugal, 1992-2014.

Rina Simón, César – Universidad de Extremadura. PhD: Universidad de Navarra – History
Iberismo, Europeanism and Hispano-Americanism. Projects and unionists utopias of nationalism in Europe.