The European Academy of Yuste Foundation has announced the 10th edition of the “Charles V European Award”, according to the Official Journal of Extremadura published today. Nominations can be submitted from tomorrow until December 22nd.

This award is for the European Academy of Yuste Foundation the means to reward the work of those persons who, through their effort and dedication, have contributed to the general knowledge and enhancement of Europe’s cultural, social, scientific, and historical values, as well as to the process of European integration.

Candidates to the “Carlos V European Award” may be nominated by any European institution, public entity, university, or cultural, scientific or socio-economic body. Nominations can be sent in English or Spanish.

It is noteworthy that this is the 10th edition of the “Charles V European Award”. It was previously given to Jacques Delors, Wilfried Martens, Felipe González, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jorge Sampaio, Helmut Kohl, Simone Veil, Javier Solana Madariaga and José Manuel Durão Barroso. This edition is also of great significance because it will be twenty years from the first time the “Charles V European Award” was given to one of the fathers of European integration and president of the European Commission between 1985 and 1995, the Frenchman Jacques Delors.

The “Charles V European award” is granted by the Board of Trustees of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, following the proposal made by a Jury appointed by the Board of Trustees, and composed of well-known figures in the fields of Science, Culture, History, Politics, inter alia. This “Charles V European Award” is worth 45.000 Euro.

The award presentation ceremony is a solemn ceremony held at the Royal Monastery of Yuste (Cáceres, Extremadura); it has always been supported by the Royal Family. The event is attended by prominent figures of the cultural, scientific, social and political fields at the European, Spanish and regional levels. It is a step in the process of European integration and the reaffirmation of the political, ethical, social and cultural values ​​that sustain it.

During the ceremony, the European Academy of Yuste Foundation will announce the Research and Mobility Grants associated to the award recipient. They are aimed at European researchers who are preparing their PhD thesis.

The full Call for Candidates text and the application form in Spanish and English are available on the foundation’s website at: