The Board of Trustees for the Yuste Foundation Approves its Action Plan for 2019

The Board of Trustees for the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation held a meeting last Wednesday in Mérida chaired by the President of the Government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, and approved the action plan for 2019. This is a diverse programme that brings together around 100 activities that will contribute to keep going more deeply into the study and analysis of the European reality, in addition to driving and consolidating the links between Extremadura, Europe and Ibero-America.

The Carlos V European Award stands out as the Foundation’s main activity, which is organised each year on 9th May, coinciding with Europe Day and under the presidency of His Majesty King Felipe VI. The foundation will announce the next call for presenting proposals for this award at the start of 2019. On this matter, the Board of Trustees approved the change in regulation of the Carlos V European Award regarding the period of time to present proposals, and how to present them.

The Campus Yuste training programme stands out among the activities which includes the international summer courses organised in collaboration with the University of Extremadura; Aula Euro-Iberoamérica: a programme that includes conferences by experts in different university centres; Aula Abierta, which brings together other academic activities such as seminars, conferences, roundtables, or meetings for debating and reflecting on historic subjects or those related to current affairs, in addition to several symposia on Extremaduran landmarks in Ibero-America, which will be held in several places throughout the region.

The academia and research by the foundation will focus on pre-established continual activities such as the calls for the ‘Carlos V European Award European Grants for Research and Mobility’, the Doctoral Seminar in which the contributions selected through such grants shall be presented, and the ‘Fernando Serrano Mangas Research Award for Doctoral Theses. Relations between Ibero-America and Extremadura’.

In the same way, culture and awareness programmes will continue to be part of the agenda such as the Emperor’s Concerts, the Luis Alcoriza Award of the Youth Jury and the Cinematographic Creation Workshop in collaboration with the Badajoz Iberian Film Festival, the Routes of the Emperor Charles V certified as Cultural Routes by the Council of Europe and the school programmes on Europe and Ibero-America, which will be carried out in different educational centres throughout the region.

The Yuste Foundation restructures its editorial line in order to focus on three collections oriented to historic subjects related to Europe and Ibero-America, to consider and think about Euro-Ibero-American sociopolitical current affairs, and Cuadernos de Yuste, which brings together the research works from the doctoral seminar organised in the framework of each edition of the Carlos V European Award.

Furthermore, the foundation will continue to work and collaborate with other associations, foundations and national and international organisations to keep strengthening the networks, and to keep bridging gaps between Europe and Ibero-America.

The Board of Trustees for the Yuste Foundation has also agreed the beginning of the merger and acquisition process for the Extremadura Centre of European Documentation and Information (CDIEX), which up until now has been an institution responsible for issuing documents that come from European institutions. In this way, the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation is consolidated as an institution that promotes the study and analysis of the European reality from Extremadura.