convenioThe European Academy of Yuste Foundation and the Provincial Council of Caceres signed a cooperation agreement whereby the institution will contribute with 40,000 Euros to support the activities of the Foundation and will receive key information on European issues of interest for the municipalities.

This agreement will strengthen the Foundation’s position in order to continue promoting culture, knowledge and training in the European context. In this sense, the director of the Foundation, Enrique Barrasa, highlighted the activities undertaken in the first half of the year, such as the Charles V European Award, the ‘Durão Barroso’ Research and Mobility Grants, the International Symposium Light at the Service of Mankind, the publication of the journal Pliegos de Yuste and the international summer courses under the programme Yuste Campus.

In the coming months, among other activities on current European affairs, a seminar on the transition will be held, as well as the meeting of the jury for the Durão Barroso Grants, with the participation of several prominent Europeans, and the Doctoral Seminar in the framework of the Grants.

Throughout the year, the Foundation organizes activities that revitalize the cultural life of the region of La Vera and reinforce in Europe the image and tourist attractiveness of the area around the Monastery of Yuste.

The director of the Foundation thanked the efforts made by the Provincial Council of Cáceres to maintain the support to the Foundation at a time when public resources are limited. The agreement demonstrates the commitment of the Council to the role played by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation in the construction of Europe from such a unique and relevant setting as the region of La Vera.

For the Council, this is an agreement that will benefit the region of Vera and the rest of municipalities in the province, since they will have direct access to the resources and expertise of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation in Brussels at a crucial moment in the process of European integration.