xvrutaOnce again the European Academy of Yuste Foundation is partnering the Emperor’s Route, which will be held for the 17th time on 13 and 14 February between the towns of Aldeanueva de la Vera, Jarandilla de la Vera and Cuacos de Yuste.

This year, the route includes new features such as the Renaissance market, which will take place in Jarandilla, and the performances accompanied by the Villaviciosa-El Gaitero Bagpipes Band from Asturias.

Each year the final journey made by Emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany from Jarandilla de la Vera to Yuste is commemorated, as the Emperor resided in the former town while his palace was being completed in Yuste. This route has become the best known in the region due to the large number of visitors and tourists and because the Routes of the Emperor Charles V initiative recently obtained the European Cultural Route certificate granted by the Council of Europe. This is a distinction which aims to increase European citizens’ awareness of the plurality and wealth of their continent, conceiving tourism as a form of sustainable economic growth for the regions in question. Beyond the aspect of tourism, it seeks social cohesion and respect for the environment by means of the suitable integration of cultural and natural heritage.

The official ceremony, to be held on Saturday in Cuacos de Yuste, will be attended by Rosa Balas, Director General of External Action of the Government of Extremadura and President of the Executive Committee of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, in representation of the Government of Extremadura. Her attendance will demonstrate the autonomic administration’s full support for the route, which forms part of the Cooperation Network of the Routes of Emperor Charles V, a cooperation project within the domain of institutions advocating the dissemination and popularization of the figure of Emperor Charles V throughout Europe, using him as the cornerstone for tourist and cultural promotion and marketing.

The walking route will officially begin on Saturday at 10.00 am, while the horse riding route will do so on Sunday at 11.00 am. Both will depart from the esplanade of Jarandilla de la Vera.