Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste | From 11 to 13 July 2023

The course takes place within the framework of the Jean Monnet EUCOMMIT Module, whose main objective is to promote the study of the common values of the European Union (EU) and its protection as a way to promote excellence in teaching and research to enhance students’ social and civic engagement and society’s participation in democratic life.

The current crisis facing the EU with the invasion of Russia in Ukraine shows that cultural integration under the common values of the EU needs effective legal guarantees and precise protection instruments to preserve the achievements of the integration process threats and of authoritarianism. The energy and economic crisis, the cultural challenges and the need to preserve the values of democracy and the principles of unity and diversity of a global society in the current international and European scenario justify the analysis and debate on the mechanisms of protection of values on which the EU is based.

The course aims to create a forum for dialogue, reflection and debate between academia, political actors, stakeholders, students, professionals and society at large to improve knowledge of the common values of the EU, promote teaching excellence in the UEx, improving the quality of multidisciplinary vocational training and promoting the EU’s vision not only as an area of economic and political integration but also of culture, which shares the core values of democracy, the social rule of law and the separation of powers from authoritarian and illiberal regimes.