Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste | From 18 to 20 July 2023

The current international context of great instability and uncertainty that chains social, political and economic crises, which in turn faces immense threats such as climate change, tests the ability of our societies to implement transformations that get to the root of the problems. Citizen activism, especially that promoted from the younger generations, is at the heart of the goal of collective claims and struggles for the construction of a sustainable, inclusive and human rights-respecting future.

From the new feminisms, demonstrations regarding climate, social platforms against poverty and precariousness or regarding the defence of refugees, among others, voice and visibility are given to the demands for social transformation in order to build a future that leaves no one behind, ensuring the sustainability of life and the dignity and rights of every human being as something indispensable.

International cooperation is also working to defend human rights at a border between the institutional, political and civil society sectors and NGOs.

This course is proposed as a meeting space and transfer of experiences and knowledge within the project funded by the Extremaduran Agency for International Development Cooperation: YOUTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISM.

The objective is to generate a platform to foster the training, support and connection of young activists who lead the social transformation, in order to amplify their demands, influence and impact on society, and for their messages to serve as an engine for change in order to generate a transformative public agenda that mobilises public opinion as well as decision-making.