Elio Antonio de Nebrija: From Extremadura to America

Guadalupe (Cáceres), from 27 to 29 July 2022. 

A year in which so many congresses and symposia are planned on Antonio de Nebrija, with the organisation of the Course “ANTONIO DE NEBRIJA: FROM EXTREMADURA TO AMERICA” the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation aims to delve into two essential aspects of his life and work:

1) The presence of the master de Lebrija in Extremadura at the service of D. Juan de Zúñiga, with an analysis of the scientific and literary work he developed during those twenty years (1483-1504).

2) The reception of the work of Nebrija in American lands and its influence on the making of grammars, dictionaries, etc. of the languages of America.