The Mediterranean, Twenty-five years after Barcelona (1995-2020)

Online, 27th May from 9.30h to 12.30h and from 14.00h to 18.00h

In the years following 1995, great hopes were placed in the final declaration of the Euro-Mediterranean ministerial conference in Barcelona, ​​which was to lay the foundations for the structuring and organization of relations between the countries of the Mediterranean basin. It is therefore time to take stock. The objective was then in Barcelona to work on creating a comprehensive Euro-Mediterranean partnership and advancing the shaping of the Mediterranean as a common space. However, although at the start of the 21st century, dialogue between cultures and civilizations is more necessary than ever, we must ask ourselves why wars divide us, pandemics keep us apart, even as migration and global challenges unite us.

The objective of this webinar is therefore to look at the last quarter of a century, in particular after 1995, in order to ask how cultural actors, writers and NGOs consider the Mediterranean, this “cradle of civilizations” and this “melting pot of cultures”. How do we assess the deficit in cultural relations between the two shores, which continues to be observed?

Which bridges and gateways can be identified as options for the Mediterranean to overcome the burdens of the past and prepare for the future?

In the field of cultural cooperation, how can we identify the strategies, mechanisms and actors that can help reinvent the Mediterranean in the 21st century and give it a new formative role?

9:30 Introduction:
Mohieddine Hadri (U Tunis) ; Ronald Grätz (ifa Stuttgart), Ludolf Pelizaeus (WEM, Université d’Amiens)

9:40 – 12:30 «Solidarité et identités en question dans la méditerranée et en Europe»
Présidente : Fadoua Chaara (U Tanger)

9:40 Retrouver son identité : Le programme préventif de support psychologique basé sur la méthode de groupe de pairs « MindSpring »
Elena Anastasaki (U Thessalie)

10:00 Questions

10:10 Soundworks of Solidarity
Christopher North (Berlin)

10:30 Questions

10:40 Les éléments culturels unificateurs du Maghreb arabe
Mhammad Benaboud (U Tetouan)

11:00 Questions

11:10 Pause

11:30 L’espace méditerranéen: perception des jeunes tunisiens
Abdelmajid Naceur (U Tunis)

11.50 Questions

12:00 El Mediterráneo: identidades políticamente en juego
Lamyae Chairi (U Tetouan)

12:20 Questions

12:30 Pause midi / Lunch Break

14:00 – 18h00 : «L’espace méditerranéen vingt ans après Barcelone dans le miroir des œuvres de jeunes auteurs»
Président : Tomislav Zelić (U Zadar)

14:00 La représentation de la mer méditerranée dans les écrits des jeunes auteurs de la rive sud
Abdellatif Bousseta (Tanger)

14:20 Questions

14:30 La Traduction comme modalité d’intégration des créations littéraires dans l’espace méditerranéen
Abdelhai Sadiq (U Cadi Ayad, Marakech)

14:50 Questions

15:00 Pause

15:30 A Predator Named Mediterranean Sea – The Motive of Translation/Transgression in Recent Migrant Literature
Ulrich Bauer (U Bayreuth)

15:50 Questions

16:00 Intégration: les nouveaux défis posés depuis les révolutions arabes
Mohamed Hadad (U Tunis)

16:30 Questions

16:30 Table Ronde: Reconstruire les ponts culturels dans la Méditerranée
Mohieddine Hadri (U Tunis), Elena Anastasaki (U Thessalie), Yamina Bettahar (U Lorraine), Ludolf Pelizaeus (UPJV Amiens)

18:00 Fin du colloque