Yuste Foundation Launches a Call for the Research Prize to Ibero-American Doctoral Theses

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation is calling for the submission of applications for the Research Prize to Ibero-American Doctoral Theses.

Theses that address the relations between Spain, Portugal or Europe as a whole with Ibero-America and vice versa as a theme, from a historical, cultural, social, scientific, economic perspective or any other field of study may apply to this Prize.

The award-winning work will be published in the Foundation’s book collection “Tesis Doctorales” and the winner will receive €3,000. The intention of the Foundation is thus to support the development of research work, encouraging reflection and exchange of ideas on Ibero-American and European topics, in turn, among university students, researchers and professionals.

Doctoral theses that apply to the Prize must be written in Spanish, English or Portuguese and must have been read in Portugal, Spain or any Ibero-American or European country in one of the two years prior to the publication of the call. In addition, they must have obtained the maximum score established in the regulations in force at the time of their reading. The procedure for granting it is competitive concurrence.

The deadline for submitting applications is 11 February. Queries can be made at the following email address:

The application form and annexes can be downloaded from Yuste Foundation’s website: and from the website:

History of the Prize

The Research Prize to Ibero-American Doctoral Theses inaugurates a new stage after CEXECI’s Research Prize to Doctoral Theses, initiated in 2014 with the aim of supporting and promoting the development of research work in professional and study fields on Ibero-American topics. From this year onwards it is extended to European themes.

In the previous editions the theses “El Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes y la Habana y la colescción de retratos de la pintura española del siglo XIX”, by Martha Elizabeth Laguna Enrique; “La exposición como recolonización. Exposiciones de arte latinoamericano en el Estado español (1989-2010)”, by Francisco Godoy Vega, and “Filosofía de la Historia de América. Los cronistas de Indias en el pensamiento español”, by Natalia Korotkikh Denisova, were awarded.