The Worlds of Charles V. Humanism, Education, and Transmission of Knowledge in Europe and America

Monastery of Yuste (Cáceres), from 6 to 8 July 2022. 

An annual course on the figure and time of the emperor Charles V, whose aim is to make a character and a crucial period of history known, when decisions were taken and fundamental changes occurred that need to be understood in order to get a better understanding of the Europe that we presently live in.

When analysing this period, we can discern how much we have in common and how the 16th century was one of encounters between two worlds with permeable borders, where the constant circulation of intellectuals, academics, artists, merchants, kings, nobles, soldiers, explorers and adventurers mutually enriched us. A century where the first universities were created in Ibero-America, which have been a source of knowledge transmission to present day, leaving us a legacy that is necessary to know.

It is, therefore, important to continue analysing the figure of Charles V, and deepen the study of his figure in order to enrich our knowledge about our past and one of the most exciting, and perhaps not so well known, periods of our common history.